Our sweet miss Mona

We are suggesting that she is most likely PREGO!!

Yes, and from what I’ve researched is that it only takes 2 months for a cat to have her kittens. Wow! So sometime in April or May we will know for sure. She’s been our first ever pet cat so we are learning as we go. We know one thing is for sure is she has a few boyfriends in the neighborhood lol.

So, don’t worry I’ll be blogging about the sweet little kittens once we know for sure. In the mean time enjoy these most recent photos I took of her. By the way, happy Spring everyone.

Blessings and love,



Blissful Boutique

My new journey with jewelry! Not just any kind of jewelry! Paparazzi jewelry. I am now a part of a great team and a great company. I want to share with you al the fun and excitement it brings. My papa site is up and running so head on over there and check it out! Everything is only $5 dollars and it’s lead and nickel free! Fun, trendy, affordable jewelry.

Happy holidays everyone! God bless

Love, Audrie

Greatimes Indy

We had a blast yesterday in Indianapolis! We traced to Indy to celebrate my sons 13th bday! He’s officially 13 today. I can’t believe how much my son has grown. He’s nearly taller than me. He’s all about them go-karts so this place was happening.

Go-Karts yay! So much fun!!

Arcades! So many tickets! Wow!


Best friends! ❤️

This place really was great. Everyone including myself. It’s a place you can’t just visit once.


St.Louis zoo

Birthday fun for my sweet birthday girl. Alanna turned five Last month! We celebrated by taking her to the St.louis Zoo. We all had such a wonderful time there. The Zoo was so much fun and it had so much to offer.

We purchased arm bands for everyone to enjoy shows and rides. The train ride was really fun and we enjoyed the sea lion show. We also enjoyed petting the sting rays and riding the carousel.

img_0897Alanna blowing her candles out. 💕

The Sea lion show was so much fun!

img_0778Birthday girl on the carousel.

img_0089Well hello hippo. 😁

This under water tunnel was a so cool!

5d4f19b1-a7a2-41d9-81eb-11dc170b9ffeMy beautiful Alanna picking flowers for moma.

Petting the sting Rays was pretty exciting!

Ice cream & face painting. 💕

Train ride!

We can’t wait to visit St.louis again real soon.


My new venture

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope all is doing well and blessed. I've just started a new home based business. I know I know… not again but this one is super exciting for me! I've opened my kit this morning and just blown away of the quality of the products! They are amazing! The best part is it's something I've been into and interested in for years. I have finally found my thing. This particular kit is the aromatherapy kit. I love essential oils so this had me at first glance. I've also been wanting my very own essential oil diffuser. So this is my very first that came with the kit! I'm just so excited about it I had to share it with you all. If your anything like me you'll want to get your hands on this stuff. For more information about this wonderful opportunity or for sample please don't hesitate to let me know. Have a very blessed weekend everyone. God bless Audrie's aromatherapy

Our new pet Mona

It’s been a week since we took sweet little Mona home. She’s is the sweetest little calico kitten. So playful and funny. We’ll adore her and she’s happy and content in her new atmosphere. 

Mona playing in the backyard 💕

Sleeping Mona 🐱💤

Sleeping Mona & Autumn 💤💕

Miss Mona

So we decided to adopt a sweet little calico kitten. She is so super sweet and playful. And my youngest daughter that has been kinda afraid of animals has snapped out of the thought of it. She has gladly pet the sweet kitty and even wants to hold her. We are all so blessed with our newest addition. We have chosen the name “Mona” for her. Mona basically means moon. With her shadow like camouflage and color patches I thought it was magical and perfect just like her.

Mona on top of our dining room chair just hanging out and being adorable as always.

Mona in my oldest sons arms on our way home. 

Mona enjoyed the little ride to her new home. I just love this view of her cuteness.

Turkey Run State park

We took our first family trip to Turkey run state park. It was a lovely short drive about an hour away from our house. Such a beautiful place and amazing atmosphere. We hiked so many trails. But we only hiked half of what the park has to offer. We definitely plan to make another visit soon. Everyone enjoyed it so much and the park was very clean. I give this place a five star review overall.