Our new pet Mona

It’s been a week since we took sweet little Mona home. She’s is the sweetest little calico kitten. So playful and funny. We’ll adore her and she’s happy and content in her new atmosphere. 

Mona playing in the backyard 💕

Sleeping Mona 🐱💤

Sleeping Mona & Autumn 💤💕


Miss Mona

So we decided to adopt a sweet little calico kitten. She is so super sweet and playful. And my youngest daughter that has been kinda afraid of animals has snapped out of the thought of it. She has gladly pet the sweet kitty and even wants to hold her. We are all so blessed with our newest addition. We have chosen the name “Mona” for her. Mona basically means moon. With her shadow like camouflage and color patches I thought it was magical and perfect just like her.

Mona on top of our dining room chair just hanging out and being adorable as always.

Mona in my oldest sons arms on our way home. 

Mona enjoyed the little ride to her new home. I just love this view of her cuteness.